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Yucatan, Mexico


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December 10, 2016



Android / iOS






FREE. Yes, in upper case.


Hordes of letter tiles fall from the sky. You need to survive by typing and preventing them from stacking and reaching the top of your screen. Play against bombs, giant rocks, ghosts, magnets and more. All in a clear, elegant and modern designed game for your mobile device.


January 2014, Patricio Bouza had the basic idea for the game. Three months later, he told Rodrigo Galaz about it and then they began to develop it as a school project, the name BAIKOH was born. May 2014, they decided to pause everything for work reasons. Months later, on January 2015, they joined forces with Samantha Núñez and decided to get this game done. Today they live happily ever after in Patricio's living room.

April's 2016 update:
They moved to Patricio's bedroom.


Totally free.
High scores (self-esteem is important).
Online versus mode with a gambling system.
New word game recipe: Cruelty mixed with Scrabble and Tetris Attack flavors.
Nonrational power-ups and nonrational difficulty.
No pay to play, no pay to win.
User-friendly ads with rewards.
Everything is obsessively crafted with love: design, code, everything.
100% candy-free app.
It's free dammit!


"It has to be the best game in the world. It's so beautiful. I like the letter thingies."
- Rodrigo's mom.